Peppermint Essential Oil 2ml

Peppermint oil is recommended for its anti nausea benefits and soothing effects on the gastric lining and colon. It's also valued for its cooling effects and helps to relieve sore muscles when used topically.

It can be used for respiratory relief if used with an aromatiser lamp with candle.

Essential Oils on the body

Essential Oils must not be used on the body without blending with particular base oils. Please note that they are highly concentrated and can cause skin burns if they are used undiluted and we do not recommend purchase unless you seek Aromatherapy advice before you use them.             

Essential Oils used with a Diffuser

Essential oils can be used for aromatising the air. They are now used commonly to fight against diseases and viruses. By means of this Essential Oil series you will be able to bring a part of nature into your home.

Usage:  To be used with aromatiser.
Pour water in an aromatic lamp, bring 3 or 4 drops from the oil and heat with a candle.