Hand Gels with Rose and Glycerine - 85ml

This Rose based product is designed for Dry-washing when you are out and about at work or play. Especially useful when in town or busy areas when your hands are in contact with well-used surfaces. The gel is easy to use. With a quick application, you are removing bacteria from your hands. It is easily absorbed and drys fast, you wash your hands without water, and it will clean and leave them smelling of Red Roses. 

The container is sized for your handbag or keep in the car, and it's recyclable.

COVID is still a significant threat to society

We are reducing our sales costs of hand gels and encouraging even more people to use them and keep safe.

We also promote wearing face masks in public, please keep safe.

Active Ingredients:

  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Glycerin

Also, see Lavender version

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