Here at Rose Facial we aim to offer you a range of natural products that are kind to your skin. Most of our products are enhanced by oils taken from Rose petals, or other natural plants. The plants are farmed in Bulgarian, which is believed to be the best environment for growing them in the world and is renown for the best quality Rosa Damascena oils which are produced from them. The flower is also well known for its dermatologic benefits and has been used through out history as the premium product for treating the skin.

Rose Facial wants to offer our our customers good natural products, and above all we want to offer you value for money.

The most important feature of our products, is the fact they mostly contain essential oils, so no matter what the products are, they don't dry the skin, they moisturise it and make it feel supple and soft. Try them and we think you will like them. 

The range

At Rose Facial we offer a varying fange of face creams, masks and serums, also hand and eye creams and an exciting aromatherapy range.

Our aromatherapy oils and candles are made from natural plant ingredients. Our aromatherapy essential oils and scented candles create a lovely scent and ambient environment.

The Rose Facial products collection is made from natural ingredients;- red rose, white rose, lavender, peppermint, juniper, pine, fig, freesias, bamboo, and cedar as well as honey and yogurt.

Pure, natural, essential: the benefits of plants

The benefits of plants for human health and well-being have been well documented throughout history. Medicines have been developed over many centuries from plants and herbs, something that Rose Facial wants to continue.

Plants are full of beneficial properties. They contain antidepressants, antiseptics, and antivirals. The right plant can help you improve your blood flow, relieve pain, or aid your digestion. Used on the body, you’ll also notice tighter, smoother and better hydrated skin, all thanks to the magic of Mother Nature.

Benefits of oils and aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times. The Egyptians distilled and extracted oils from plants. The Chinese infused aromatic oils to enhance the mood and the Greeks used aromatics as medicines.

The actual term "aromatherapy" was derived in 1937. French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, introduced the word after investigating the healing powers of essential oils for a patient suffering serious burns. Lavender oil’s soothing properties for burns went on to promote the medicinal benefits of aromatherapy in the treatment of soldiers during World War Two.

Essential oils should not be confused with perfumes or other fragrance oils as essential oils are natural to the plant. Fragrance oils are now commonly based on chemical production to mimic certain aromatic scents for perfumes, colognes, and candles.

Rosa Damascena – rose oils

We love rose damascena here at Rose Facial. Not only does the plant essence smell amazing, it has a whole range of health benefits.

Bulgaria offers the perfect climate for growing this hybrid flower. Traditional methods developed since the 17th century are used to grow the roses and product the oils that go into our products. The plants are grown sustainably, ensuring the crops are environment, animal and people friendly.

Almost 0.25 tonnes of rose petals are needed to create one ounce of rosa damascena oil. This means that while the products are packed full of health benefit, we need to ensure a fair price for the hard work that’s gone into the creation.

Our ethics and commitment

We want to provide you with the very best products at the best possible price, but we will never compromise on our key business ethics:

  • Believe in planet conservation
  • Promote the cultivation of essential oils crops which are friendly to the environment, animals and people
  • Against animal testing and factory farming
  • We promote women in business
  • We aim to continually develop new products across our range and try to ensure that our prices are competitively placed
  • Treat our customers’ details in total confidence, we don't share their information with anyone else
  • We will not send out daily junk emails, we respect you and will only contact you if you want us to, or we have a reason to inform you 

If you share our ethics and want to see the benefits of our face, body, and aromatherapy products for yourself, visit our shop and place an order today.