This is a lovely beauty gift set, containing 3 items, all with 100% natural Bulgarian rose oil. Excellent for Christmas and birthdays, Mother's Day, or special occasions.

This gift set comprises of hand cream, cleansing milk, and roll on perfume.

Hand Cream 

Preserves the skin from moisture loss and external aggressive effects from daily life. This 50ml bottle will slot perfectly into an everyday beauty regime. 

Active Ingredients: Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, Hydroxyl Urea.

Cleansing Milk  

Removes make up and cleans your facial skin from any impurities, it help retains moisture and has got a lovely rose scent. Apply on face and neck with gentle massage movement using cotton pad. 150ml bottle. 

Active Ingredients: Natural Rose Oil, Natural Rose Water, D-panthenol.  

Roll On Perfume  

Our 9ml roll on perfume is alcohol free and full of natural lovely fragrance of rose flowers.

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