What is essential oil

What is essential oil

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Where do they come from

The essential oils are extracted from plants and trees. The oils are obtained from the leaves, stems, flowers, roots, sap or bark.

What do you do with them

These oils are absorbed into the body through massage, bath, inhalations and oil vaporisers, they can soothe, stimulate, heal and beautify, gives a sense of well-being. They have properties that are known to benefit both psychological and physical problems.

Do the oils vary relative to the source plant

An essential oil may have many separate substances - those from flowers being far more complex than those from leaves, roots or bark. Essential oils taken from flowers have up to one hundred components.

The prefered essential oils

Roses are widely considered the most beautiful flowers in the world. The best, most sough after rose oil is the one harvested in the fields in Bulgaria, where the Rosa Damascena is found. Rose Valley has built a tradition of cultivating these plants since the 17th century. It has a climate with the most suitable conditions for rose development and where the plants provide the highest quality oil.

How are they produced

The petals are collected by hand by groups of harvesters who work early in the morning before the heat of the mid day sun and the petals are then subject to distillation. The oil also can be obtained by method of extraction. The volume of yield required is staggering, typically it takes between two to three tonnes of blossoms to produce one kilogram of rose oil. That a 3000 – 1 ratio which explains the why the cost and quality are so high.