Body TLC Essentials - The Story

Body TLC Essentials - The Story

Body TLC Admin

The Idea

Many beauty and body products are chemically based and we believed Natural and Pure - Rose and Plant based products were something that we are lacking in the modern world. So we decided to market them and they are attracting a lot of interest which is encouraging.

The Name

Body TLC Essentials is simple to explain, our products are focused on the body and mind so we decided on Body, they offer Tender Loving Care as part of ones personal grooming, which is essential for our well being.

The Range

The range started with Soaps, then expanded into other body products like Shower Gell, hair Shampoo and Conditioner, then Face Creams for both night and day.

The aromatherapy range consisted of unique candles, which are both ornamental and create a great room environment with their scent. The other products are all aromatic and essences and of course, of a natural plant base.

The range is being increased and tailored to suit customer demand. We are widening our products base using various plant types;- Red Rose, White Rose, Lavender, Peppermint, Juniper, Pine, Fig, Freesias, Bamboo and Cedar. We are also looking at what size of products you want, we have the smaller sized soaps which are great for children or travelling, as well as the fact they look so pretty and also the larger 60g soaps which we are now offering.